ACCESS Victoria is an opportunity to attend lectures in a mainstream Victoria University course without having to undertake any assignments or assessment. The courses below accept ACCESS Victoria enrolments – to enrol please contact or call 04 463 6556.

Postgraduate Law Access Victoria courses for Professional Development 2017

Enrolling in a Masters-level course is an exciting opportunity to participate in the learning environment that our postgraduate students experience, without having to undertake assessments.  It is important that you understand what to expect. In general, our courses are structured in two important ways.

First, courses may be timetabled in different ways. Short or block courses are held over a concentrated period of time: either over a week or at weekends. These are ideal for fitting around work commitments.  Other courses are held for two hours each week over the course of the trimester (twelve weeks with a two week break in the middle). They are usually scheduled in the late afternoon or early evening.

Second, courses may be taught or student-led.  Taught courses are structured and led by the course lecturer, with some student discussion and possibly some student presentations. Student-led courses are designed to give students experience in researching and presenting on topics relating to the course subject area.  Although there may be some introductory classes held by the lecturer, in student-led courses the majority of classes consist of presentations by students who have conducted research into a topic. Often these topics are self-selected. A professional development student would be expected to participate in the discussions but not present a seminar paper. Total class hours may vary depending on the number of students enrolled and presenting papers.

Please check the course description so that you are aware of the nature of the course you are enrolling in.

Postgraduate Law Access Victoria course fees

10 points: $500 excl. GST

20 points: $1000 excl. GST

40 points: $2000 excl. GST

Undergraduate Law Access Victoria courses for Professional Development 2017

Undergraduate Law Access Victoria course fees

  • 300 level: $520 excl. GST

If you want to enrol in one of the above Law Access Victoria courses please contact or call 04 463 6556.

ACCESS Victoria is an opportunity to attend lectures in a mainstream Victoria University course without having to undertake any assignments or assessment.

  • ACCESS Victoria allows you to attend only the lectures for the course you’re enrolled in. You won't attend tutorials or do the assessments for the course.

  • Places are always subject to availability and mainstream students take priority. If the course does fill up and ACCESS Victoria places are no longer available we will contact you before the start of the course. 

  • You will have access to a Blackboard account (the University’s online learning tool) so you can view the lecture images, image lists or other material posted on the course page. Any Blackboard messages regarding tutorials, assignments, tests or exams are not applicable to Professional Development students.

  • You will be sent a username and password by Professional Development to allow you to access Blackboard. Please contact us at Professional Development if you are experiencing problems with Blackboard.

  • You may use the University Library resources in the library, but you won't be able to withdraw books and you will not be able to access the University's electronic database, ebooks or online articles.

  • Some courses have set texts which can be bought from Vic Books on the Kelburn Campus. Course notes can also be bought from Vic Books.

If you have any queries about Access Vic courses contact or call 04 463 6556.

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