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Writing Essentials: Clear, Concise, Compelling

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Effective writing is clear, concise, and compelling - for the reader. This one-day course is designed to teach the essential skills and strategies needed to write in this manner in commercial, public, and non-profit work environments.

Who should attend:
Anyone who lacks confidence about their writing skills, or who wishes to write more efficiently and effectively. This course is relevant for anyone who writes as part of their job - from trainee to chief executive.

Learning objectives:
To gain a clear and confident understanding of:

  • the overall purpose of communication
  • the principles of successful communication
  • the impact of style in general, and verbosity in particular
  • the impact of the words and punctuation you choose


  • How to produce robust briefs and outlines
  • Effective document structure for any document
  • Why we overwrite and how to avoid doing it
  • The purpose and effective usage of all punctuation marks
  • How to critique and edit any document

Course outline:

  • The system (why we communicate, the principles of successful communication)
  • Optimal process
    • optimal briefs
    • optimal outlines
    • writing-up a robust outline
  • The tools of written communication
    • document structure, headings, paragraphs, sentences
    • word choice, grammar, punctuation

Course format:
This course employs a seminar and workshop format. There will be opportunities to practice the skills learnt and receive feedback. All attendees receive a copy of Clear, Concise, Compelling: How to write less and achieve more, an 80-page, full-colour, spiral-bound guidebook written by course presenter, Simon Hertnon. The guidebook provides a useful resource for maintaining and expanding on knowledge gained on the day.

Simon Hertnon

Further details:
If you would like more information about this programme, please contact us on:
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Customised workshops:
Victoria Professional and Executive Development are able to customise many of our workshops to meet specific individual or organisational requirements. Please contact us for further information.