Using Mindfulness at Work

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Modern workplaces require increasingly complex thought, communication and responses.  A strong body of scientific research supports the benefits of using mindfulness techniques in workplaces to improve employees' physical and mental wellbeing, work performance, and ability to recover from stress.

Mindfulness is learning to keep our focus and engagement in the present, rather than acting on “autopilot”.  A better awareness of our body sensations, thoughts and feelings at the time we are experiencing them means we have a greater range of choices on, if, how and when we respond to colleagues and events.

Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to improve his or her work performance, mental focus and ability to recover from a busy or demanding schedule.

Benefits to individuals:

  • Improved executive functioning: the ability to plan, organise thoughts and activities, prioritise tasks, manage time efficiently, and make decisions
  • Better memory and concentration: the ability to acquire, store, retain, integrate and later retrieve information
  • A faster recovery from stress response
  • Improved illness prevention: regular mindfulness practice boosts the body’s immune system to fight illness

Benefits to organisations:

  • Improved worker performance – because of improved cognitive functioning and memory
  • Less negative consequences on others from stress
  • More flexible emotion coping responses
  • Positive influence on team function
  • Increased stability at times of change

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the neuroscientific research underpinning mindfulness
  • Learn and practice key mindfulness skills
  • Develop improved decision making ability
  • Experience a faster reduction of the flight or fight response following a stressful event
  • Increased ability to stay focused and improve personal productivity

Course content:

  • Review the scientific research to support the practice of mindfulness
  • How mindfulness works to foster the improvements in wellbeing
  • Mindfulness in practise - mindfulness exercises
  • Integrating mindfulness into daily routines
  • Resources for mindfulness

Course format:

This practical course will have a maximum of 15 people. Participants will be guided through a series of mindfulness exercises.  All participants will also receive 12 weeks of reminder emails to support and prompt ongoing practice.


Karen Jones

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