Emerging Leaders Programme

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The rise to new levels of leadership responsibility requires emerging leaders to build on their current strengths while developing new capabilities that will increase their leadership contribution and impact.

This programme immerses you in the critical knowledge and expertise you need to accelerate your leadership contribution and career. The programme provides a unique opportunity to reflect on your strengths, style and leadership approach. It teaches you how to mobilise these capacities to achieve your important professional goals.  


You will increase your strengths, develop your leadership style and approach, and learn how to better mobilise these skills to accelerate your achievement of personal, professional and organisational goals.

The programme’s focus is on accelerated readiness. That is, accelerating the development of essential capabilities and drivers of leadership excellence.

Who should attend:

An emerging leader is someone who is part of the next generation of leaders. You can be considered an emerging leader if:

  • you have recently moved into a leadership role and are ready to make a bigger contribution to your organisation or community
  • you are responsible for influencing across your organisation or community in key project areas but do not carry the title of leader
  • you are a strong performer and are preparing to assume your first formal leadership role
  • you have been told by a senior colleague that you have leadership potential or they consider you to be an emerging leader.

This programme is for emerging leaders who want to:

  • make more of their potential for delivering results
  • strengthen their contribution and influence across their organisation
  • move into more senior leadership roles
  • learn a practical hands-on approach to achieving results in the workplace and take charge of their future careers.

Learning objectives:

Participants will:

  • learn how to define a leadership approach that is right for them and their organisation
  • learn to build on their current strengths and develop approaches to increase their leadership contribution
  • gain an appreciation of and apply the main drivers of individual and team performance
  • gain an understanding of how to think strategically as a day-to-day habit
  • increase their ability to apply advanced communication skills
  • gain an understanding of how to motivate themselves and others to achieve higher levels of performance
  • learn how to apply tools and strategies that will allow them to coach others towards peak performance
  • strengthen their ability to lead through challenging periods or difficult change
  • gain an understanding of how to foster leadership qualities in themselves and others.

Course outline:

The course covers:

  • understanding where you are and where you need to be as an emerging leader
  • coming to grips with leadership and what it really means to be a leader
  • the leadership mindset – rethinking leadership, contribution and impact
  • understanding individual performance – unlocking the capabilities of others
  • leading teams – formal and informal strategies that drive performance
  • being influential and building lasting relationships
  • the art of managing up – seeing the world from above and understanding the implications for performance
  • leadership on the run – understanding how to keep your focus on what really matters
  • thriving on pressure – how to support yourself and others when the going gets tough.

Course format:

This three-day programme focuses on the foundations for successful leadership. The course includes stories, mini-lectures, self-reflection, small group exercises and group discussion. You will increase your confidence skills through applying simple tools and templates that help you to understand and assess your world.

You will also participate in experiential learning activities that will challenge your thinking and leadership practice, develop a 90-day action plan to take back to your workplace, and craft a road map for improving personal and team performance.


Lawrence Green

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