Aspire: Women's Leadership Development Programme

Diversity at the top leadership table correlates positively with better organisational performance, so why are more women not in senior leadership roles? This challenge exists worldwide. In response, many organisations are implementing targeted initiatives to develop their women leaders and to address the particular challenges faced by women in their leadership journey.

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/Content/Img/aspire%20image%20Near-Space-photography---km--50255171.jpgThe Aspire programme recognises the differences for women in their path towards the top table. It focuses on areas most likely to hold women back and equips them with new skills and tools to address internal and external barriers head-on.

Aspire enables current and potential women leaders to step into the driving seat of their leadership journey, no longer constrained by unhelpful limiting beliefs. They are then able to make deliberate explicit choices about how they want to live their lives and the difference they want to make through their leadership.

“Fear is at the root of so many barriers that women face,” says Sheryl Sandberg in her challenging book Lean In. “What would you do,” she asks, “if you weren’t afraid?”

Building Confidence has been cited as the biggest single enabler to women fulfilling their leadership potential, and is just one aspect of this transformational programme.

Aspire will equip you with frameworks and tools to stand confidently in your own space as a leader and provide a platform for you to progress your career.

You will have the opportunity to increase your confidence, impact and effectiveness as a leader.

Your organisation will gain a more confident, resilient, focused and effective manager.

Benefits for you:

  • increased confidence in who you are as a leader and the value of your contribution
  • increased clarity of purpose and intent
  • greater influence, impact and profile
  • better relationships with your colleagues
  • improved wellbeing and resilience
  • enhanced career prospects.

Benefits for your organisation:

  • increased productivity
  • improved staff engagement
  • increase in credible female applicants for senior roles
  • increased number of female leaders as role models
  • greater diversity in the leadership team, contributing to improved decision-making
  • healthier group dynamic in leadership team
  • improved organisation culture.

Who should attend:    

This programme is aimed at women in team leader and management positions  who aspire to more senior leadership roles. It is relevant for women in public, private and NGO organisations.

Course outline:    

Leading Self

  • Determine your leadership identity (brand) and purpose
  • Clarify your personal values and key result areas (KRAs)
  • Behave authentically (ie. bring your whole self to work)
  • Increase your profile and visibility

Self with Others

  • Understand your environment
  • Communicate effectively and succinctly and be heard/ powerful language
  • Deal with conflict, courageous conversations
  • Learn strategies for dealing with bullying behaviours
  • Negotiate remuneration and working arrangements


  • Increase self-awareness
  • Manage emotions
  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs and unhelpful self-talk, eg. ‘imposter syndrome’
  • Establish and maintain boundaries
  • Be optimistic
  • Bounce back from setbacks

Growing Self and Others

  • Develop your career—creating the blueprint
  • Create an individual development plan (IDP)
  • Put your hand up
  • Be a role model
  • Develop others
  • Experiential and action learning

Course format:  

The Aspire programme is delivered through eight half-day workshops held on Monday mornings over four months. The format will consist of pre-work, theory, guest speakers, peer learning, practical exercises and career advice. The programme will be based on action learning principles.

There will be up to 16 participants on the programme.

Recommended pre-reading:

The Art of Deliberate Success, Dr David Keane, Wiley, 2013
Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, W.H. Allen, 2013

Impact statements:

"Aspire gave me a set of skills that helped me go beyond surviving professional and personal challenges and thrive in uncertain environments.  I have pivoted in my career thanks to the information and networks the course provided me, and gone from a job I enjoyed to a career I am passionate about."
Alex, Senior Advisor Brand and Culture, Deloitte.

"I have been delighted to see the direct impact of this course on a talented and able manager. Words like 'empowerment' and 'confidence' and 'direction' are loosely thrown around, but I can't think of better ones to describe the shift I have seen. More importantly they capture the change she sees in herself."
Susan Freeman, CEO, Broadcasting Standards Authority

“A fantastic course. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone wanted to further develop their leadership skills and confidence. Having it spread over a few months means you can try out the things you are learning on the course and apply them to your everyday work life.”
Belinda, Surf Life Saving New Zealand

“I found the course really valuable and thoroughly enjoyable - I'll be dipping into my folder of tips frequently to keep my career planning on track!”
Nicola, Consultant, Russell McVeagh


Karen Waitt and Trish Lui and Paula Feathers

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