Building Intercultural Competency

Diversity is a reality. Being culturally competent in today's multicultural and globalised world is an essential skill needed to work effectively with ethnically diverse colleagues and clients.

Recommend course:


The Building Intercultural Competency course, designed by the Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research, will develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare professionals to work effectively with people from cultures other than their own, including clients and co-workers. This course is also effective for those who plan to travel, work or live outside of New Zealand.
This 1-day course will help participants recognise their own cultural lens and how they apply it in everyday life to cross-cultural interactions. This practical course allows participants to use real-time activities to test out and extend individual cultural competency.

Benefits for you

  • Develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to operate in an increasingly multicultural world.
  • Recognise your own cultural lens and how you apply it in everyday life to your cross-cultural interactions.
  • Use real-time activities to test out and extend your cultural competency.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Growing intercultural competence makes better employees.
  • By fostering respect and mutual understanding between cultures, trust and cooperation will increase, and competition, conflict and misunderstanding will decrease.
  • Inclusive organisations, where staff demonstrate culturally appropriate behaviours and skills, will provide better customer service and retention.

Who should attend:    

The course is suitable for anyone who manages or works with culturally diverse employees or clients. It also suits people who plan to travel, work or live outside New Zealand.

Learning objectives:    

  • Develop the knowledge, skills, and self-awareness to work effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Understand the importance of intercultural communication and how values influence interactions with others.
  • Practice culturally competent behaviours.

Course outline:    

Module 1. Intercultural communication
This module develops awareness of the importance of communication within intercultural contexts, and discusses the impact of differences in communication styles (particularly non-verbal communication) and the influence of cultural values on intercultural interactions.

Module 2. Cultural competencies
This module is designed to simulate common intercultural experiences, to give the learner insight into their reactions to cultural differences, and explain the underlying values behind behaviour.

Course format:    

This 1-day workshop includes discussion, peer learning, and practical activities. The programme uses action-learning principles. You will receive a workbook.


Your facilitators are research associates for Infer Consulting, partners in delivering the Building Cultural Competency Course with the Centre for Applied Cross Cultural Research. See

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