Managing Mental Health in Teams

Gain a greater awareness of mental health and its impact in the workplace.

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Mental ill health is extremely common in New Zealand. In any 12-month period, more than 20% of New Zealanders are likely to experience mental ill health; with 47% of New Zealanders likely to experience mental ill health at some point in their lives. 

There are consequences related to mental ill health for workplaces. For organisations there are costs resulting from increased absenteeism as well as reduced productivity from employees who are working whilst unwell. For employees at any point in time some form of mental health issues may have direct negative consequences on their personal wellbeing and productivity.

This one-day course will give a greater awareness of mental health and its impact in the workplace.  It will look at strategies for improved management of mental health at work.

Who should attend:

This workshop has been developed specifically for people leaders, managers, team leaders, supervisors, and human resources professionals to:

  • increase their confidence and competence in identifying and managing stress and mental health in their people
  • create a work environment that fosters positive mental health.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand mental health and mental illness and what contributes to both
  • Review the factors that have either a positive or negative influence on people’s mental health
  • Identify the causes of work-related stress, when stress turns into signs of something more serious, and know what to do about it
  • Learn to hold effective conversations about mental health, including how to safely raise issues of concern.
  • Review effective, practical strategies to strengthen wellbeing at work.

Course outline:

1. The legal duty of care for managers under the Health and Safety Act 2015
2. The differences between mental health and mental illness
3. A useful model of mental health
4. What is the difference between stress and mental illness?
5. A framework for spotting and naming the signs.
6. How to have effective conversations about mental health and mental illness – a framework and skills to do this.
7. Adding interventions to promote positive mental health and create a psychologically safe workplace.
8. Self-care for managers – how to best support your own mental health.

Course format:

This workshop is interactive and employs a range of learning styles.  There will be a maximum of 16 participants.


The Umbrella team

Our approach is informed by our extensive experience in developing protocols, and providing training and on-going support for improving mental health at work.

The Umbrella team are all registered clinical psychologists with decades of experience in the mental health field.  As well as providing organisational interventions, they have all worked clinically with people experiencing mental health problems, including working closely with their families and workplaces to support them. In our view this practical experience is vital in the wellbeing field as there can often be a mismatch between the theory of best practice management of mental health and the actual practice.

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