Leading Team Resilience

Resilience refers to the ability to adapt and recover well after stress, adversity or change. Many people describe resilience as ‘bouncing-back’ or thriving.

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Resilience is essential to you being a more effective and insightful people leader. You must be able to demonstrate your own personal resilience in order to develop resilience in others, and build a more resilient team.

This course for people leaders focuses on improving your personal resilience, as well as how to strengthen your team’s resilience. It is based on scientific research that shows resilience skills can be learnt and improved with the right tools and strategies.

Who should attend:

This course is for leaders, managers, supervisors, organisational development and human resource professionals who are responsible for building resilient teams. You may or may not have formal line management responsibilities. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the scientific research of stress, performance and resilience Identify implications of this research as individuals, and as people leaders.
  • Support first line leaders in their development of resilience building.
  • Develop a toolkit of strategies to improve recovery from stress and change, and to stay personally and professionally resilient.
  • Implement frameworks and learning strategies that boost resilience in teams.

Course outline:

Session 1: Improving personal resilience

  • Welcome, introductions, overview
  • Overview of stress, resilience and recovery
  • Recognising own signs of stress
  • Improving recovery from stress and therefore performance
  • Practical recovery tools:
  • Smart working and physical recovery
  • Flexible thinking – what thinking patterns improve resilience?
  • Managing emotions under pressure – practical toolkit of skills
  • Boosting resilience with positive emotions

Session 2: Strengthening team resilience

  • Recognising the impact of stress on performance in others
  • How to respond to signs of stress in others
  • Implementing organisational frameworks for supporting recovery
  • Implementing frameworks for boosting resilience
  • Active constructive responding – how to replace negative responses from others with creative ones to move forward despite real or perceived obstacles
  • Boosting team resilience – action planning
  • Workshop feedback, review, further action

Course format:

The workshop is delivered as two sessions. The first session provides a framework for participants to review and improve their personal resilience. The second is focused on strategies to improve organisational resilience and how to support teams to put these resilience strategies into practice, and integrate the tools into “work as usual”.

Every participant will take away their workbook, which has copies of materials from slides, readings and participant’s notes from individual exercises. Reminder emails to prompt participants to practice skills are sent weekly for 12 weeks. Individual coaching is available to provide further support for participants to embed the learning from the training.


Richard Whitney

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