Dr Karen Jones

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Dr Karen Jones – Umbrella Director Dr Karen Jones
Ph.D. (Psychology), PGDip ClinPsyc, MNZCCP

Karen is a registered clinical psychologist and also holds a doctorate in psychology with a research background in neuroscience.  Karen’s neuroscience expertise provides her with a deep understanding of the factors that impact on human behaviour.  In her training work Karen utilises this knowledge to help participants set up practical activities to maximise new skills.

Karen is passionate about developing and maintaining positive client relationships and is highly regarded by Umbrella clients for developing training that best meets client needs.  Karen has extensive experience developing and delivering training to a wide variety of organisations and client groups.  In addition to resilience, some of the areas Karen is experienced in delivering training for include coping well with stress in high pressure roles, improving cognitive performance at work, and enhancing effective team work.

Karen is also experienced in providing 1:1 coaching.  She enjoys assisting people in their career development, work-life balance and with personal wellbeing.

Karen’s previous 15-year career in the financial sector provides her with a background of building strong business relationships and an understanding of the corporate environment. She brings a highly professional yet personal touch when working alongside clients to meet their employee and organisational needs.  Karen draws upon both scientific research and her own experience to demonstrate that resilient employees are the key to a thriving organisation.

One of Karen’s specific areas of interest and expertise is the application and practice of Mindfulness as a resilience tool, especially in the workplace. Karen has completed an international mindfulness teacher training programme, and maintains her own personal mindfulness practice.

Karen’s psychology training and personal experience of juggling a busy family life and career helps her bring a practical and real life approach to her work.

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