Rohan Light

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Rohan LightRohan Light has been an Associate at Victoria Professional and Executive Development since 2014.

He volunteers as the Chairman of the SAS Users of New Zealand, the largest and longest standing analytics community in NZ. He writes a technology column (Enterprising Analytics) for He is a member of the American Productivity and Quality Center and holds an Ovum Enterprise Knowledge Center license

He consults with organizations on their change investment approaches, their decision behaviour mechanisms and their digital transformation strategies. Prior to this he worked as Portfolio Risk Specialist for Inland Revenue. He has been building service organisations since 1996 and is familiar with a wide range of business management doctrines including the agile and business model canvas methodologies.

He favours learning by doing, applying the scientific method to the profession of management, and emphasises the importance of ‘practical wisdom’ as a guide when we face the unknown and for which we have no rules.

His personal interests include historiography, writing, language, martial arts, gardening and street photography.


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